nissanAppeared more than twenty years ago, the classical model Patrol, by construction is rather to identify as off road car. Patrol of previous generations has attracted the attention of the narrow circle of people who use the car as an assistant in the woods, on construction sites or for the transport of heavy loads on a trailer. Anyone who wants to get a reliable assistant, bought a used Patrol, will become a good vehicle.
Chunky SUV with two rigid axles, leaf springs, and six-cylinder diesel engines could not be more appropriate it is for good work than to risky trips to the mountains.

First of all, it should be noted Capacity Nissan Patrol. Cargo space is convenient to load, separated by a folding seats can be increased to the size of a small truck body.
In the spacious cabin dominates «rough environment» vehicle off-road: the broad, high seating position and the situation in the village style. Tall and leggy close and uncomfortable, especially at the rear. Also, a glove and a great car to be bigger.
As the reliability Patrol convince sections of the operation and review. Servo steering, height adjustable steering wheel and dashboard makes ergonomic handling of Patrol incredibly simple.
For negative items can be objects of «internal security»: a strong handrail front speakers cell compressor pose a threat to the passenger seated in front. Bad cover steering wheel and long seat belts are antediluvian.
Dynamic characteristics should be ok. Automatic hub arrangements to free movement and a differential lock on the equipment in the 89 th year, helping to easily overcome the difficult parts. Long-base GR confidently on the road and running without any problems coping with all the twists. On a wet road the old versions are not very precise control. On the ride comfort on the first model, and has nothing to say. Only later were removed rocking and swinging the body on uneven pavement. And the brake pedal had been severe, and left, and the sudden maneuver required significant muscle costs.

At the outset of the release in the automotive market existed Nissan Patrol with 3.3-liter diesel and 2.8-liter gasoline engine. Point that the engine directly so stoically with the good associated with the filling defective or delayed replacement of fuel oil and oil filter, but its economy - is far from outstanding. But the most popular model was much later - with a turbocharged diesel engine (81 hp kVt/101).
These engines are equipped jeeps second generation – long-base, 7 placed Patrol GR. The representative of this generation does not hide a surplus of power, in wide tires, over which hang heavily bent wings. Under the impressive metal body conceals perfectly suitable vehicle off-road machinery: two hard-set axle with springs and a large swing springs on the rear axle is 100 per cent blocking mechanism.
But that generation of both native - endurance and reliability. No matter what model you have purchased, - Patrol or Patrol GR - Nissan is able to perform all the hardest work.

Deficiencies and faults
Obviously, the water pump, and because of this and burned pads cylinder heads are the weakest link of the old gasoline engines. Drivers of diesel engines often complain about the defective fuel pump direct injection, probably due to a very large admixture of gasoline in the winter, as gasoline filter in cold weather can be frozen. Since 1986, at Patrol found defective gearboxes. Special attention should be given to the stalled clutch while driving on the road or to a trailer. Heavy loads of dirt and water gnaw brake drums. Traces of corrosion are visible on the doors, bonnet, hinges, wheels, the lower part of the body and exhaust system.

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