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mazdaFrankly speaking, no comfort, poor functionality of the body. But the mechanic is reliable, but the line 5-door body of fourth-generation car looks good.

The aging of the body at the third-generation machines (1985-1990 gg.) passes without the appearance of rust. But after six years of service paint coating loses shine. In fourth generation machines (1990-1995 gg.) it still does not matter the quality and easily scratched (especially the cover in red). A 5-door versions of the front part of the body is vulnerable to impacts of gravel flying from the wheels.

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nissanAppeared more than twenty years ago, the classical model Patrol, by construction is rather to identify as off road car. Patrol of previous generations has attracted the attention of the narrow circle of people who use the car as an assistant in the woods, on construction sites or for the transport of heavy loads on a trailer. Anyone who wants to get a reliable assistant, bought a used Patrol, will become a good vehicle.
Chunky SUV with two rigid axles, leaf springs, and six-cylinder diesel engines could not be more appropriate it is for good work than to risky trips to the mountains.

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4322_bigALFA ROMEO 145 and 146 HISTORY
1994, July. Debut of Model 145 with the body 3-door hatchback. Petrol engines volume of 1.3 and 1.4 liters (90 hp), 1.6 liter (103 hp), 1.7 l 16 cells. (129 hp). Diesel 1.9 liters (90 hp)
1994, December. Debut of Model 146 with the body 5-door hatchback
1995, September. Version 145 Quadrifoglio petrol engine 2.0 l 16 cells. (150 hp)
1996, Spring. Version 146 Quadrifoglio petrol engine 2.0 l 16 cells. (150 hp)
1996, November. Petrol engines 1.4 l 16 cells. (103 hp), 1.6 l 16 cells. (120 hp), 1.8 l 16 cells. (140 hp)

There is no doubt that aesthetically very attractive car, but the legacy of the predecessor of Alfa Romeo Mechanics 33 does not add them to the pros: cars have become safer, but the overall impression of them is very cold.
Lines of these machines peculiar body (especially the 3-door versions), but quite nice and cheap, without fussy. The body is very quality work. This applies to both the metal and paint coating, which caused a very high quality and uniformly. Make a good job with the seal body elements - in that sense cars as perfect. Only a few copies of issue in 1995 may be a problem with door locks.
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