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4322_bigALFA ROMEO 145 and 146 HISTORY
1994, July. Debut of Model 145 with the body 3-door hatchback. Petrol engines volume of 1.3 and 1.4 liters (90 hp), 1.6 liter (103 hp), 1.7 l 16 cells. (129 hp). Diesel 1.9 liters (90 hp)
1994, December. Debut of Model 146 with the body 5-door hatchback
1995, September. Version 145 Quadrifoglio petrol engine 2.0 l 16 cells. (150 hp)
1996, Spring. Version 146 Quadrifoglio petrol engine 2.0 l 16 cells. (150 hp)
1996, November. Petrol engines 1.4 l 16 cells. (103 hp), 1.6 l 16 cells. (120 hp), 1.8 l 16 cells. (140 hp)

There is no doubt that aesthetically very attractive car, but the legacy of the predecessor of Alfa Romeo Mechanics 33 does not add them to the pros: cars have become safer, but the overall impression of them is very cold.
Lines of these machines peculiar body (especially the 3-door versions), but quite nice and cheap, without fussy. The body is very quality work. This applies to both the metal and paint coating, which caused a very high quality and uniformly. Make a good job with the seal body elements - in that sense cars as perfect. Only a few copies of issue in 1995 may be a problem with door locks.
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